Explore the Realyze Intelligence Platform

Improving cancer care by accelerating clinical trials and delivering Real World Data (RWD). 

Realyze Link

Realyze pioneered technology to match oncology patients with clinical trials using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and expert clinical knowledge. By processing structured data and unstructured clinical notes, Realyze Link’s automation can match patients to oncology trials pre-visit, save time, and improve patient outcomes.

Realyze Surface

Realyze Surface helps identify patient cohorts, making results more accessible to oncologists, researchers, principal investigators, and Sponsors/CROs. Dynamically select clinical criteria and generate clinical research quality Real World Data (RWD), summarized at a patient level.

Realyze Recap

Unlock clinical insights, care pathways, clinical trials, and patient stories with Realyze Recap. Seamlessly summarize patient clinical information from across patient records to clinicians prior to key decisions being made, reducing the time and burden it takes to manual review a patient’s chart.

Realyze Relay

Send data where it needs to be when it needs to be there. Deep phenotypic clinical insights that are identified with the Realyze platform can be transmitted to other systems using the FHIR standard. This enables crucial information to be sent back to the EMR, EDW or CTMS systems to be leveraged for additional clinical workflows.

The Right Technology Delivered Fast

Clinical Expertise

Our team of clinical experts have a deep understanding of the practice of medicine and how data supports that practice. Use our expertise and platform to leverage patient data, enhance treatment plans, and optimize workflows.

Intelligent Technology

Using advanced Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and an easy-to-use platform, our solutions understand, organize, and present patient data. Clinicians can easily utilize data for trial matching, patient summaries, and more.

Custom Solutions

Realyze can rapidly configure our platform to fit your needs. Our team will tailor solutions to support the clinical practices at your organization. Unlike similar product, Realyze is able to implement solutions in weeks, not months.