Deploy Equitable Workflows to Build Inclusive and Diverse Patient Cohorts

Automate and scale universal screening for all cancer patients against all oncology clinical trials across your network to boost diversity, inclusion, and equitable access.

  • Eliminate implicit bias, implement inclusive workflows, and champion equitable access to research as care.
  • Screen all patients and increase participation of minority and rural patients in your network’s oncology clinical trials.
  • Meet the standard of universal pre-screening as recommended by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and Association of Cancer Care Centers.
  • Offer clinical trial screening as standard of care to all patients.

Capture social determinants of health to drive inclusive datasets.

  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI), large language models (LLMs), and clinically guided expert models to analyze both structured and unstructured data within a patient’s Electronic Health Record in real time to capture social determinants of health data.
  • ASCO & ACCC task forces recommend screening all cancer patients for clinical trial eligibility.
  • Less than 6% of cancer patients enroll in clinical trials but >50% would be willing to.
  • Less than 15% of oncology clinical trial participants are minorities. Even fewer represent rural populations

We can help ensure inclusive patient screening.

Eliminate implicit bias in clinical research processes – ensure all patients are screened for clinical trials.

Remove geographic barriers to trial participation – screen all patients for clinical trial eligibility, regardless of where they receive care.

Support decentralized clinical trial initiatives & operationalize authentic diversity.

Get started today with Realyze Intelligence.

Leading Comprehensive Cancer Center Achieved 100% Clinical Trial Screening at all Community Sites to Drive Authentic Diversity with Realyze Intelligence.