Accelerate Clinical Trial Screening and Increase Accrual

Enroll more oncology patients in better clinical trials, faster.

  • Employ clinician-trained artificial intelligence (AI) to query all unstructured data within a cancer patient’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) including clinician notes, pathology reports, radiology notes, and .pdfs.
  • Screen all patients against all recruiting trials in sync with your clinic scheduling so you can.
  • Inform all patients of all options at the time of care.
  • Focus resources on patients who are high-probability matches.
  • Summarize real-world data at the patient level and easily re-query when new clinical trials are launched or protocols are modified.

Earn a reputation for enrollment excellence with trial sponsors.

  • Meet the standard of universal pre-screening as recommended by the American Society of Clinical Oncology and Association of Cancer Care Centers.
  •  Become a prioritized site by biopharma sponsors by demonstrating positive and consistent enrollment metrics.
  •  Use current real-world data to inform which trials to prioritize opening to ensure all future trials enroll patients.

We can help mitigate the challenges of oncology clinical trial screening.

Use clinician-trained AI to ensure all patients are screened for all recruiting trials.

Accurately identify eligible patients in seconds, not hours.

Identify eligible patients pre-visit to implement research as care.

Realyze Intelligence can help.

Leading Comprehensive Cancer Center Achieved 100% Clinical Trial Screening at Scale and Increased Trial Match Efficiency 7-Fold with Realyze Intelligence.