Optimize clinical trial screening with clinical expertise & artificial intelligence

We can help mitigate the challenges of oncology clinical trial screening.

Use clinician-trained AI to ensure all patients are screened for all recruiting trials.

Accurately identify eligible patients in seconds, not hours.

Identify eligible patients pre-visit to implement research as care.

Leading Comprehensive Cancer Center Achieved 100% Clinical Trial Screening at Scale and Increased Trial Match Efficiency 7-Fold with Realyze Intelligence.

We can help ensure inclusive patient screening.

Eliminate implicit bias in clinical research processes – ensure all patients are screened for clinical trials.

Remove geographic barriers to trial participation – screen all patients for clinical trial eligibility, regardless of where they receive care.

Support decentralized clinical trial initiatives & operationalize authentic diversity.

Leading Comprehensive Cancer Center Achieved 100% Clinical Trial Screening at all Community Sites to Drive Authentic Diversity with Realyze Intelligence.

Make your patient data more actionable.

Turbocharge retrospective research studies by rapidly scouring patient health records to answer your research question.

Bring your clinical data warehouse database up-to-date with human-in-the-loop auto-abstraction.

Where data can help, we can deliver… optimize value-based care, enhance research capabilities, answer clinical trial feasibility queries, and improve care coordination.

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Shows How Realyze Intelligence Solves the Scalability Problem of Manual Curation with AACR Poster.

Realyze Powered a Paradigm Shifting Research Study Recently Published in JCO Clinical Cancer Informatics.