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Unlock your clinical insights, empower your entire care team, and understand your patients’ stories.

Clinical Expertise

Our team of clinical experts have a deep understanding of the practice of medicine and how data supports that practice. They have built a rich knowledgebase to capture and scale their expertise. This knowledgebase enables your organization to establish significance in your data and standardize your clinical concepts as a foundation for understanding your patients.

Intelligent Technology

A sophisticated combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) help us build a complete, clinical model of a patient. First, Realyze transforms unstructured data and uses advanced inference models to determine physician meaning and intent in documentation. Next, this refined data is combined with EHR and data warehouse feeds, where our intelligent technology determines meaning, precedent, and clinical implications. The result is an accurate and rich model of your patient.

Rapid Execution

A content-driven architecture means that Realyze is able to rapidly configure the platform to suit new use-cases. Using web-based tools, clinicians can rapidly apply their knowledge to identify findings from within the narrative notes, as well as tailor a solution to the clinical practices at your organization. This enables Realyze to move quickly from concept to solution, with no code to change or models to update. Unlike traditional NLP solutions, Realyze is able to move from clinical need to solution in weeks, not months.

The Realyze Intelligence Platform

Because patients are complex and their health outcomes are driven by innumerable factors, health systems rely on clinical notes to capture the vast majority of patient health data. 

Realyze reduces the time and skill barriers to accessing this narrative patient data. Using a combination of clinical expertise and intelligent technology, the Realyze platform understands the meaning and intent in the patient chart – including reading between the lines, just like a human clinician does.

This platform enables increased accuracy and unique insights so that health systems can know their patients better.

Oncology Solutions

Advancing Cancer Care

Care Coordination

Managing Population Health

Analytic Platforms

Extending your data warehouse

Bringing Decades of Experience Working with Health Systems

Realyze Intelligence is backed by one of the largest integrated health systems in the nation – UPMC. At UPMC, Realyze is being used for improving patient care, extending analytic capabilities, and supporting clinical research.

Aaron Brauser
President & CEO

Gilan El Saadawi
Chief Medical Officer

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